16 Wrestlers Who Died In 2017

Paying tribute to those we lost this year.


It's an unfortunate facet of the wrestling industry that its fans have grown accustomed to waking up to news of their heroes' deaths. Time marches on, and the year 2017 was no different in seeing a host of well-known figures from the world between the ropes depart us.

Often, these men and women have been taken from us tragically young. The past twelve months have seen numerous stars of the squared circle pass away prematurely, as we said goodbye to a former Samoan superhero, a muscle-bound bodyguard, and one part of a tag-team who rocked bow-ties like no other.

2017 also saw the bell ring for a final time on a veritable Hall of Fame of '80s wrestling legends, including an evil 'Russian' who left Madison Square Garden in a state of shock, a hirsute beast with a heart of gold, and probably the greatest manager to ever rustle the ring ropes.

In addition, we lost a number of names who, though not as widely known as some of their departed colleagues, made a notable contribution to the industry we all love in their own way.

Join us as we pay tribute to all those who entered the Great Ring in the Sky in 2017.

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