17 WTF Moments From WWE Raw (April 17)

It's a three-peat of the ringsplosion!


The 12 June 2003 episode of SmackDown will forever be known as the night Big Show and Brock Lesnar broke the ring, but who could have guessed that crafty old Vincent Kennedy McMahon would love the Superplex spot so much that he'd book it again... and again?

Vengeance 2011 would see the next ringsplosion (a word we've just made up) involving Show and Mark Henry. Now, fast-forward to 2017 and the big Giant is at it again with Braun Strowman, and those pesky WWE announcers are acting like it's something fresh, hip, and happening that they've never seen before.

Presumably, Michael Cole has been hanging out with the Men In Black, because he was prevalent for each of the previous two ringsplosions.

That wasn't the only moment worthy of a big ol' WTF on this week's Raw, because we also had racism that would make Trump proud, incredibly heavy thigh muscles, WWE taking the proverbial out of TNA, and even endless references to that bastion of commentary quality 'Dishy' Dave Otunga.

We (don't) miss you, Dave, for the avoidance of any doubt whatsoever. Stay away...


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