18 Best WWE Insults Of 2016

The lines that hit 'em where it hurts.


We often bemoan the over-scripted nature of the modern era of professional wrestling, complaining how it limits the performers and hinders the characters by giving them all a similar voice. And while that's definitely true, 2016 seemed to ease off on that a bit and WWE appeared to grant some of their stars more freedom when it comes to their promo time.

The biggest draws in the history of the business were all good-to-legendary on the mic, so it comes as no surprise that those in charge see the ability to deliver an effective promo is seen as a more valuable tool than being able to craft a **** match.

Nothing gets the crowd going like a great interview or segment to sell a feud, and when one wrestler hits another with a witty line, be it a comedic zinger that has the audience cracking up, or a hard-hitting put-down that lands below-the-belt and cuts to the core, sports entertainment fans love their insults.

Here's the best and most memorable from 2016.

18. Enzo Has A Job Offer For D-Von Dudley

Let's start the list off with the man who is probably the most gifted talker on the roster right now, at least when it comes to bringing some humor to the festivities. There are other more well-rounded speakers in WWE, but when it comes to slick-talking insults, Enzo Amore is the man.

The more vocal member of the duo of he and Big Cass, Amore took the opportunity to introduce himself to legendary tag team The Dudley Boys with the following quote:

"D-Von, I see the way you're staring at us. You wanna play games? I'll connect-four that dome-piece. I got the gift of gab, and the gift of jab, and I'll put that lazy eye right back to work."

It was a hilarious line and just one of many that would mark Enzo Amore as one of the most enjoyable promo guys on the main roster.


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