18 Reasons Why Last Night's WWE Raw Was An Absolute Mess

18. D-Generation X... And Chyna

This D-Generation X Hall Of Fame induction is sneaky. Super sneaky.

The stable deserve their place, 100%. They are, without question, one of the most important factions in WWE history, a symbol of their most prosperous period, and still among the most over acts this company has ever produced. The reason that the 49-year-old embarrassing dad version of Road Dogg can still shamble out on Raw and say dumb sh*t like "shiznit" is because of the goodwill he accrued with DX 20 years ago, so yeah, nobody's disputing their validity.

That being said, the whole thing feels like WWE's way of inducting Chyna into the Hall without actually inducting her. The company are handling this controversial topic with kid gloves, and no matter where you stand on the issue, it's hard to dispute the shadiness.

Last night's induction video package focused primarily on the other DX members, despite Chyna's peak popularity, and the mid-show tweet came with a thumbnail that didn't even include her. They're skirting around the issue. Put the politics aside and go all-in on this introduction, or the moment will seem like a sham.


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