18 Things We Learned From Enzo & Big Cass On The Steve Austin Show

Enzo & Big Cass, realest guys on the podcast!


The NXT tag team of Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady AKA Big Cass took the wrestling world by storm with their long-awaited debut on the post-WrestleMania 32 Raw. With the possible exception of AJ Styles, it was easily the most memorable first appearance for any WWE talent in quite some time.

The crowd erupted when the realest guys were finally in the room, and the duo showed more charisma in three minutes than the majority of the roster has throughout their entire WWE careers.

Enzo absolutely eviscerated the Dudley Boyz on the mic and the audience was eating out of the palm of his hand, while Cass stood by his side and hit his trademark line spelling out S-A-W-F-T. As long as the two are serviceable in the ring then there is absolutely no reason why they won't be stars for the company.

Steve Austin had them on for an interview that was recorded just before their main roster call-up, and the three deliver a hilarious conversation with some great insight into the men behind the characters.

Check it out.


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