19 Superstars Move To WWE Raw, New US Champion Crowned

Plus ça change...

Jeff Hardy Raw US Title

WWE rearranged its Raw furniture this Monday, ending the night with something best described as 'retro 2016 chic'.

Proceedings got off to a fairly inauspicious start when Jinder Mahal was first to step off the merry-go-round. The Modern Day Maharajah's primary act as a returning Raw superstar was to drop his US title to Jeff Hardy, just eight days removed from his big WrestleMania moment. After the bout, he complained it was a stitch-up at the hands of a American patriot Kurt Angle. Yes, that's is still going on.

The Riott Squad were next, confusing everybody who thought Paige had left them last week, before it dawned that they're technically different people. It makes sense at this point to bung them with the rudderless Mandy Rose and Sony Deville to form one supernaff-stable. At least Ruby's gals all wear the same t-shirt, so that's a start.

The Miz was on hand to reveal Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn had in fact earned Raw contracts, courtesy of Stephanie McMahon, presumably with the express purpose of pissing Kurt Angle off. Remember folks: just last year, Owens tried to kill Stephanie's father. She was even there, looking all worried and stuff. During the same segment, an irate Kurt Angle told Miz he was been sent packing to SmackDown - minus The Miztourage. Better start polishing those CVs, boys.

We saw the Fashion Police. They didn't get a big reveal, because they're the Fashion Police. But they did record a fluke win over The Bar later in the night, so that's nice.

Natalya's a goodie now, probably, as she interrupted a Ronda Rousey interview to remind us they're friends. Rousey later intervened on Nattie's behalf, saving her from a beating by the remainder of Absolution. How's that for a first proper full-time feud, eh Ronda?

The biggest news of the night came in the gargantuan form of Drew McIntyre, who leaped the barrier to join a similarly incoming Dolph Ziggler. The Scot, as you'd imagine, gained a rapturous ovation.

In a wonderful few minutes for fans of SmackDown, a video package announced Baron Corbin's switch, as WWE simultaneously uploaded a video to YouTube of Mojo Rawley announcing his own move. Zack Ryder is set to join him. They'll probably be friends again now, as time isn't linear in WWE world.

Finally, the show ended with Bobby Roode completing the SmackDown mid-card exodus, as he made the fifth man of a quite stellar line-up featuring Finn Bálor, Seth Rollins, Braun Strowman, and Bobby Lashley.

Outside the show itself, Chad Gable, The Asension, and Mike Kanellis were also revealed as draftees. Pinch me.

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