19 Things You Probably Missed From WWE Fastlane 2019

League Of Nations, mincemeat chests, mini-botches aplenty and choice language...

Daniel Bryan Chest

Well, it looks like that's it then. The end of an era is nigh.

If one believes WWE, The Shield are no more, Dean Ambrose will move on to "greener pastures" (according to Renee Young several weeks ago on Raw) and one of the greatest factions in company history will disappear for good. Of course, these grand finales rarely end up being final, so don't be too shocked if Deano re-signs with WWE and the group are back by next year.

Whether it's true that The Shield are finished or not, Seth Rollins got caught up in that thought on Sunday at Fastlane. His little outburst caused production to be thankful for that time delay when broadcasting live, and it handed us a neat moment. You probably missed it, and you might've missed a whole load of other hidden gems.

Fastlane 2019 had botches, colourful language, a Diva throwback having her face caved in by a Japanese starlet, some genius foreshadowing before a heel turn, a risky play by WWE and more. We also had references to midgets, dads who need acting lessons and tag-team excellence...

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