19 Things You Probably Missed From WWE Raw (June 10)

Alcohol consumption, hookers, knives, pentagrams, Hornswoggle and...granny knickers?

Shane McMahon Drew McIntyre

For a PG-rated program, Monday Night Raw sure had a lot of hidden adult content.

This week, both Drew McIntyre and Shane McMahon celebrated their antics at Super ShowDown by filling the WWE World Cup with champagne and toasting one another. Big Drew even managed to sneak a few extra glasses of champers when The Revival and Shane-O weren't looking.

That's all fine, but the other two hours and 45 minutes of Raw time were filled with everything from hookers and knives to satanic imagery and Kevin Owens bemoaning the fact that WWE referees don't pat him down properly before matches. Apparently, Shane and Drew were sharing that booze around before the broadcast started.

We've got 19 things you might've missed from Raw, and they include weird WWE idiosyncracies, brutal fan signs, Becky Lynch leading Alexa Bliss through their tag match, Lacey Evans getting a babyface reaction, Lars Sullivan almost breaking Lince Dorado's neck and more.

Also, someone needs to remind Renee Young that her mic is live after backstage promos. Renee showed some of that same swaggering rebel spirit her husband Jon Moxley has in AEW and New Japan these days...


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