19 Things You Probably Missed From WWE Raw (June 3)

Stand back, because it's time for the Muscle McMahon Dance!

The Undertaker

If you skipped The Undertaker's much-hyped appearance on this week's Raw, then you didn't miss much.

The entire skit lasted less than five minutes and existed only as a last-minute push towards Friday's Super Show-Down match with Goldberg. As the cameras went off the air amidst 'Taker's "You're Next" line, one could be forgiven for wondering why WWE are bothering with a Goldberg retort on SmackDown. Face it, he'll say something similar, or possibly encourage his foe to "Rest In Peace"; whatever happens, it seems pointless without both appearing on the same program.

Attention anyone disappointed that 'The Deadman' didn't throw a little gem or two into his quarterly promo: don't panic. Raw had plenty elsewhere, including production errors that screamed WCW Nitro, famous actors busting out a wrestle-tastic shirt that's now instantly going on Santa wish lists across the land, Renee Young phoning it in and more.

Where else are you gonna' see Becky Lynch trolling Lacey Evans, Bray Wyatt taking the p*ss out of himself (and Vince McMahon) and Brock Lesnar throwing in a nifty WrestleMania 35 receipt? Here's everything you might've missed from the flagship...


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