2 Ups & 5 Downs From Last Night's WWE SmackDown (May 16)

4. Cutting The Action

Fandango The Colons

Had we seen more of Breezango vs. The Colons, there's a reasonable chance it may have swung over to the "Ups" side. Unfortunately, we joined the match while it was already in progress, as WWE decided to cut-off the ring introductions and opening section completely.

What we actually got to see was fine, but nothing special. The Colons controlled much of the bout, working a decent heat section on Tyler Breeze, which helps build sympathy for his team ahead of their match with the villainous Usos. Fandango eventually got the tag and cleaned house, scoring the victory with a Falcon Arrow, and sending Breezango into Backlash with winning momentum, which was the right result.

It lasted a shade over three minutes, but if WWE were only going to screen that much of the match, they might as well have gone for a squash. Instead, Breezango were already getting beaten-up by the time they appeared on our screens, which doesn't exactly make them look good ahead of Backlash. This would be fine with the context of the opening stages, but television viewers weren't granted that luxury, and snipping the match only made it feel less important.


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