20 Best Women's Wrestlers In The World Today

Diving deep into a rapidly expanding talent pool.


Women's wrestling has never been hotter than it is in 2017.

Its artistic peak came during the Japanese joshi boom in the late 1980s and early 1990s, when the likes of Manami Toyota and co. were producing five-star bouts with frightening regularity - but the scene has never enjoyed as much global exposure as it does today. Once considered a neglected niche, women's wrestling still has a long way to go (particularly in WWE, where the "Revolution" has stalled), but it has unquestionably come a long way.

The talent pool is deeper than ever, too. WWE's Four Horsewomen are partly responsible for the boom, but the Performance Center isn't short of hot prospects, and the Mae Young Classic was stuffed with great performers. Japanese promotions like Stardom are doing their part too, and the indies are as efficient as ever in churning out new talent.

WWE love claiming credit for the boom, but the company only shifted focus when the wave became too strong to ignore. It's the wrestlers themselves, not Stephanie McMahon, who are responsible for this upturn, particularly those at the top of the pile, whose athleticism, skill, and sho(wo)manship have shattered every barrier placed before them.

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