20 Best WWE Royal Rumble Eliminations Ever

The most brutal, funny, and dramatic eliminations in the Royal Rumble's 28 year history.

Eliminations are the lifeblood of the Royal Rumble. WWE fans live for those little moments where a superstar's hopes are snuffed out, extinguished in a matter of seconds by a merciless clothesline or callous shove. They come in all shapes and sizes - some dramatic, some hilarious, and many forgotten - but which are the best Royal Rumble eliminations of all time? Some of the entires on this list are included for aesthetics alone. Sometimes an elimination is so perfectly executed (or, in one memorable instance, so horribly stiff) it's impossible for them not to stick in the mind, regardless of their actual impact in terms of ongoing storylines. Others are included for the opposite reason. Although slightly ragged around the edges, their importance is such that it would be a major oversight to forget them - either in the context of a particular Rumble, or the overall history of the event itself. Some are a mix of the two (or simply very funny), but they all have one thing in common - a place in the history of WWE's most eagerly-anticipated annual match.

20. Foley Takes Out Randy Orton (And Himself)

This elimination may not be the flashiest or most brutal on the list, but it certainly tells a story. In the build to the 2004 Rumble, Randy Orton had been a malicious tear, disrespecting the Hardcore Legend at every turn (and even spitting in his face on one memorable occasion). Foley bottled up all this frustration, drawing accusations of cowardice - but this elimination proved that he was simply picking his moment. Beating the hell out of Orton was clearly above a WrestleMania title shot on Mick's list of priorities, especially as he continued the beatdown on the outside of the ring.
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