20 Most Embarrassing Wrestling Botches Of 2019 (So Far)

Lynch & Rousey dropped the ball at WrestleMania, but where do they rank?


Professional wrestlers deserve endless credit for dedicating themselves to this dangerous, difficult job.

The sport's margins are incredibly fine. High-level performances require high-level precision, and sometimes, a split-second or a single millimetre can be the difference between a spectacular move and an absolute disaster. These men and women are master choreographers who put their lives in each others' hands every time they hit the ring, and that so many matches pass without incident shows their skill.

But they're still human, and humans make mistakes.

Botches have been the main currency of wrestling giffers for years. Yes, the wrestlers involved should be cut varying degrees of slack, but such flubs are as big a part of the game as anything else. These gaffes should be celebrated, laughed at, and absolutely made the most of - as long as nobody got hurt.

This column doesn't exist to highlight situations like Goldberg vs. The Undertaker, where both men's health was put at serious risk. Thus, you won't find a single head drop within, though you will find all manner of screw-ups from the smallest indie shows all the way up to the 'Grandest Stage Of Them All'...


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