20 Most Iconic Wrestling Costumes Of All Time

That's right, people. We're talking about wrestling AND fashion.


In the world of professional wrestling, it's important to have a good look. Appearance may not be everything, but it's certainly a significant thing.

Sure, it's nice to know some technical maneuvers and not be terrified of public speaking, but when it comes right down to it, if you look like a wiener, no one's going to care whether you can execute a crisp Japanese arm drag or ad-lib on the mic like the incomparable Paul Rudd.

That's mostly because sports entertainment is all about first impressions. And a unique garb is likely to stick in the hearts and minds of a fan for a good long time. Honestly, it will probably hang around the old memory banks even longer than a great main event match or a particularly scathing promo.

The following superstars don't just have a bankable look, they have the most iconic costumes in the history of a business that is stuffed to the brim with them.


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