20 Worst WWE Wrestlers Since 2000

20. Mason Ryan


It isn't hard to see what Vince McMahon saw in Mason Ryan.

Standing at an impressive 6'5", the brawny Welshman's physique looked as though it was carved out of Greek marble, but like so many before him, this was all Ryan had. He worked a wrestling style typical of other failed musclebound big men, exuded little-to-no charisma, and struggled to carry himself with any intimidation or star power. He was all aesthetics, and his failure was as predictable as his initial push.

Hurried out of developmental in 2011, Ryan was given a wet fart of a debut on an episode of Raw. He was introduced as the latest member of CM Punk's Nexus by interfering in a match between his leader and John Cena to a tepid crowd reaction, and spent spring backing up the former 'Voice Of The Voiceless.' Injured in June, he didn't return until September, but was soon shunted out of the spotlight, and only made a handful of appearances before suffering relegation to NXT in January 2013.

Released by WWE in 2014, the skill-deficient bruiser isn't even active on the independent scene these days.

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