20 Worst WWE Wrestlers Since 2000

Hell is an endless loop of Eva Marie matches.

Eva Marie Survivor Series 2013

As the biggest wrestling promotion in the world, WWE's pull is unparalleled. Their mainstream spotlight, financial clout, and acclaimed developmental system means a contract with them remains the end goal for many wrestlers. There are exceptions (Kenny Omega, for one), but for the most part, Vince McMahon can sign whoever he wants, whenever he wants, and countless world-class performers have passed through his company over the decades.

Having 'WWE' on your resumé doesn't make you a great worker, though. Most of the sport's biggest stars eventually find their way to the company, but the McMahons have wasted a lot of money on truly atrocious wrestlers, particularly in the modern era, where general in-ring standards have never been so high.

For our criteria, we'll stick to full-time wrestlers so as not to complicate matters by including the likes of Michael Cole and Jonathan Coachman. Competitors will be judged primarily on their in-ring ability, too, with some small considerations for other aspects of their performances, like charisma and believability.

With that in mind, let's take a look at the skill-deficient duds who've spent the past 17 years sullying WWE's reputation as the world's top promotion.

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