20 WWE Royal Rumble Undercard Nightmares

Royal Grumbles

The Undertaker Yokozuna

Generally a huge highlight in any wrestling fan's calendar, the Royal Rumble is (almost) the safest bet for a quality night of entertainment from WWE.

Usually headlined by the innovative 30-man battle royal with WrestleMania implications, the remainder of the card is often just there - rather fittingly - to make up the numbers. It gives something for the existing champions to do, and tests out feuds not always able to make it onto other pay-per-views.

Despite the abbreviated line-up often providing pleasant surprises, the January classic has wielded its fair share of duds and disasters over the last thirty years. WWE are to be credited with their experimentation underneath Pat Patterson's near-perfect creation, but a sizeable number of probable after-thoughts have been anything but bland on the night itself.

WWE's propensity for only dealing in extremes is never quite as widely exposed as when they're card-filler selections end in sheer horror. Rather than euphoria, the announcement of the Rumble match itself has often subsequently been greeted with unashamed relief from an under-nourished live crowd.


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