20 WWE Wrestlers With The Best Win Percentage Records

Number one may shock you.


If we asked you to name WWE's most prolific winners, the first names that would come to mind are probably the likes of Hulk Hogan, Triple H and The Undertaker.

But what if we told you that none of those three make it on to the list of the company's 20 wrestlers with the best all-time win/loss records, replaced instead by a female wrestler still a couple of years shy of 30 and a man who recently decided to quit because of a lack of main event opportunities?

It turns out that everything we thought we knew about wrestling business was totally wrong. The 'King of Kings' isn't a selfish worker after all, while Hogan - though he may have some unsavoury views out of the ring - loved nothing more than to help younger talent get over with the crowd inside it.

OK, so that's probably pushing it, but it's surprising to see that some of WWE's lesser known stars ended their careers with the sort of numbers you would associate with limelight-hogging main event mega-stars.

Just one quick note: this list - sourced from ProFightDB - will only take into account wrestlers who have fought at least 25 matches. That explains why undefeated Asuka isn't included.

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