21 WWE Matches That Almost Got 5 Stars

A lot of WWE fans will insist these deserve 5 stars, but there's no changing the past.


Dave Meltzer can be a controversial figure in certain parts of wrestling fandom. Even though his star rating system is strictly opinion-based and never to be held as sacrosanct, people will take his ratings a definitive statement of quality, and thus, an attack on their character if they hold a match in higher regard than he does.

It's especially ugly when he rates a match the dreaded 4.75 stars. To most people. that's an extremely high rating, and it applies to matches we should most certainly check out. However, to insane people, it means that Dave hated the match, and is trying to destroy its reputation. It's a lot like those idiots who take Metacritic or Rotten Tomatoes scores very seriously, and will do anything to uphold their integrity (mainly by yelling at the people who criticize their game or film of their choice).

There have been 21 matches in WWE history that have been rated 4.75 stars. We hope to prove that just because they didn't rate 5 stars according to Uncle Dave, they shouldn't most definitely be considered must-watch affairs.


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