23 Rare WWE Kelly Kelly Photos You Need To See

From strip-teases to titles, Kelly Kelly is missed by many!

When Kelly Kelly decided to leave WWE in 2012, a lot of people were left pretty shocked. Kelly seemed to be the answer to the promotion's prayers, filling the role left by the likes of Trish Stratus nicely, but she would later tell the world that she elected to leave the company due to a niggling neck injury. Fully healed, the blonde bombshell hasn't been seen much since, staying out of public eye. Making her start with WWE on the ECW brand, Kelly was part of the 'Extreme Expose', along with Layla and Brooke Tessmacher. The trio would routinely strip tease, which was one of the only highlights of the poor ECW program for many red-blooded males! From there, Kelly would become a mainstay on the main rosters of Raw and Smackdown, going on to capture the WWE Divas Title in 2011. It seemed that this would be her future, as WWE's writing staff seemed incredibly high on what she had to offer. Admittedly, and to her credit, Kelly Kelly had improved immensely inside the ring. The aforementioned surprise of her departure wasn't really filled until WWE put their stock behind AJ Lee, who was an altogether more different animal to Kelly Kelly. To date, Kelly has only made a handful of independent wrestling appearances, usually just for fan signings and things like that, but the door remains open for a WWE return somewhere down the road.
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