25 Greatest Superstars In WWE Raw History

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Wrestlers have rowed over what defines greatness for even longer than the much-ballyhooed quarter of a century Raw's been on the air. Though titles were once the universal divider between star and superstar, the WWE's flagship broadcast has now been around so long that performers have enhanced their legacy just by the virtue of succeeding on the show.

Particularly challenging to nail down in professional wrestling, even the greats debate greatness. Mick Foley for years found himself at odds with Ric Flair over the nuances of their respective works despite the fact that both deserved plaudits showered upon them. Bret Hart also wasn't a Flair fan, but he also infamously gave a sterling Triple H/Undertaker match a four-out-of-ten rating on his fiercely subjective excellence of execution ratings scale.

There are those that defined the ethos of the broadcast during ever-changing eras for the organisation, those that actively transformed it, and those that raised or maintained the profile of of the Monday Night Raw name simply through consistently excellent performances bell-to-bell.

Countless performers have entertained billions of viewers since Vince McMahon blew up his Prime Time Wrestling model for an uncut, uncooked and uncensored new presentation of pro wrestling, but who from the industry all-timers list provided the happiest Mondays?


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