25 Most Revealing WWE Instagram Posts Of The Week (July 1st)

Rodeos, Rushmore and naked ring shoots...


It's clearly time to start thinking about the biggest PPV events of 2018, with an ABC affiliate spoiling the big matches at Hell In A Cell in September, news of Brock Lesnar possibly facing Bobby Lashley and the top bouts at Extreme Rules apparently revealed online. Hopefully, we'll see the right story momentum set up in the meantime, given how much time creative has to play with.

Elsewhere, WWE made a huge signing in the shape of Io Shirai, there was more talk of The Undertaker appearing at Summerslam and Dolph Ziggler's future was the subject of much speculation. But almost everything pales into insignificance next to the revelation that Vince McMahon wants to spend $500m on the first three seasons of XFL. That's an eye-watering amount of money, but at least it shows he's keen...?

Meanwhile, there's been even more speculation that WWE want Cody Rhodes back - along with the Young Bucks - further talk of Rey Mysterio's "imminent" deal and a new heel gimmick for Bayley. Some of this will work. Some of it probably won't. Evil hugs, anyone?

And through it all, the WWE superstars took to Instagram to peel back the curtain and show off what it's really like to be a professional wrestler. Seemingly it involves a lot more dog biting than anyone could ever have imagined.

This was the week in WWE Instagram...

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