25 Most Revealing WWE Instagram Posts Of The Week (May 14th)

New babies, beach bodies and European wanders...


It's safe to say it's the quiet period on the WWE calendar at the minute: PPVs lack the usual sparkle, tours spread out across the world like spider legs and it feels a little like we're on the slow crawl to SummerSlam. Regardless, the world Vince McMahon built spins on, with news of Roman Reigns possibly feuding with Bray Wyatt or the Miz to replace Braun Strowman. That should set pulses racing.

Elsewhere, John Cena has revealed he's a part-timer, Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella welcomed their daughter to the world (and he confirmed he intends to return to the ring again) and Linda McMahon poured scorn on the planned Vince McMahon biopic. A particularly mixed bag of news there. In more definitively better news, it looks like Chris Jericho is planned to return to WWE in Japan in late June, so we don't have to wait all that long.

Meanwhile, we're also slap-bang in the middle of WWE European tour time, which means a disproportional number of selfie shots pointing at fancy statues and old things, which was very much the predominant story across WWE social media in the past seven days.

This was the week in WWE Instagram...

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