25 Most Revealing WWE Instagram Posts Of The Week (May 28th)

Slaps, rams and Girdle Power, brother!


In the week that saw The Hollywood Reporter announced a huge potential deal between WWE and Fox for SmackDown (and all the inevitable grumbling from fans who fear change), shareholders would have been rubbing their hands with glee. Not only will that deal boost the company's TV income but they also got the good news from John Cena that he doesn't plan on leaving WWE any time soon permanently.

High fives all round, then, apart from in the SmackDown locker room, presumably, since a move to Friday night might kill attendances somewhat and directly affect their pay. But at least their bosses will be banking more, eh?

In the same slightly less positive spirit, Ronda Rousey was ruled "not ready" for singles matches (at least according to Dave Meltzer), which the money men will be hoping changes sooner rather than later. But she's got plenty of time.

In other huge superstar news, there've been whispers of CM Punk's (inevitable) return to pro wrestling thanks to All In, and though a WWE return is probably unlikely, the plan to extend PPVs to 4 hours (and 5 for the Big Four) means they might need his pulling power to sell more tickets. Or at least to keep people watching for the extended run-times.

So, no spring cleaning yet, but still big changes in the air. And through it all, the superstars took to social media to peel back the curtain on what it's like in their worlds, through their own eyes.

Slightly belatedly, this was the week in WWE Instagram...

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