25 Ways WWE Has Ruined Raw

25. Mid-Match Commercials


WWE programming has been crammed with an absurd amount of commercial breaks for years, with Raw and SmackDown barely able to string 15 minutes together before cutting to adverts. We can accept this to a certain degree (the company has to make money, after all), but the timing is often terrible, and WWE regularly slice matches up to accommodate them, causing all kinds of problems.

Mid-match commercial breaks disrupt the bout's flow, distract the audience's attention, and undermine the performers. WWE's in-ring restrictions mean it's hard enough to tell a cohesive in-ring story as it is, but constant breaks make it even tougher for the wrestlers, who are often forced to slap on a resthold and relax for a couple of minutes while TV viewers sit through adverts.

Building a TV show around ad breaks can't be easy, and some compromises have to be made, but this habit burns potentially good matches every week.

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