3 New All Elite Wrestling Signings Confirmed

AEW's signing spree continues with these new additions.

Jack Evans
Lucha Underground/El Rey Network

Yesterday brought news of former Lucha Underground standout Angelico's seemingly imminent All Elite Wrestling signing, with Pro Wrestling Sheet's Ryan Satin breaking the story. Now, it looks like the high-flying South African is set to be joined by three others - including his Los Gueros Del Cielo tag partner, Jack Evans.

Evans, 37, rose to prominence in the 2000s, with his most notable work coming in Ring Of Honor. One of his generation's most athletic wrestlers, he remains a huge influence in today's high-fliers, and has spent the past decade working for companies like AAA and Lucha Underground.

Jack's arrival was confirmed when he called Angelico during this signing video:-

Referees Rick Knox and Bryce Remsberg have also joined the promotion, as confirmed in this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

Knox, who is best known for his work in PWG, was offered his deal at a recent Bar Wrestling show. He has a prior relationship with The Young Bucks, having clashed with them on many a PWG show. Remsberg, meanwhile, is one of the most respected non-wrestling figures on the independent circuit, particularly for his work in Mike Quackenbush's CHIKARA promotion.

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