Facial hair has always complimented the good looks of any superstar. Mustaches and beards have always been a wonderful asset in the careers of many, however, it has also lead to the downfall of some. What is a mustache or a beard exactly? Categorized as facial hair, beards and mustaches can either make you love someone, or hate someone terribly.

However, maintaining a beard can be extremely hard for someone to do and beards can be extremely messy. The messiest of beards can be a catalyst which puts you over, and having a beard is something which defines a man.

The following list is something you rarely see on WhatCulture.com. This list mentions the three superstars who I’d love to see with a beard, however, they would look extremely comical with facial hair. Click Next to proceed through the slideshow.

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This article was first posted on August 11, 2013