30 Most Inconsequential WWE Titleholders Of All Time

1. Big E - Intercontinental Champion - 167 Days (2013/2014)

If you looked at the amount of days that Big E was Intercontinental Champion and went "wow," then you'll know that he belongs at the top of this list. E dethroned Axel on Raw and held the belt from October 2013 all the way until May 2014, where he lost the title to Bad News Barrett at Extreme Rules. What went against Big E was that all of the multi-man events (The Royal Rumble, The Andre The Giant Battle Royal) were happening during his reign, so he didn't have to have a signature feud to define his title reign. He did have two successful title defenses on Pay Per View: against Damien Sandow at TLC 2013 and against Jack Swagger to kick off the Elimination Chamber 2014 Pay Per View (was a pretty decent match), but those were truly the high points of his reign, and they weren't really that high. Big E's title reign is what people can point to when they talk about how the Intercontinental Title has been devalued, and he tops the list of most inconsequential championship reigns. Thoughts on the list? Comment below or follow me on Twitter @PocketSeagull.
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