30 One-Time-Only WWE Royal Rumble Entrants You Totally Don't Remember

1. Gillberg (1999)


Time In Match: 0:07

And the number one spot goes quite fittingly to the number one jobber of all time, the legendary Duane €'Gillberg' Gill. A long-time enhancement wrestler on WWF cards in the '90s, Gill was brought into storylines as a joke opponent for Mankind in 1998€'s Survivor Series WWF Title tournament. Gill was then used in a more featured role with some regularity as part of Al Snow€'s J.O.B. Squad, before being handed a life-changing gimmick. Gill would become Gillberg, an hilarious parody of WCW superstar Bill Goldberg, and he actually go over doing it.

The gimmick was that while Goldberg was on an unprecedented winning streak, Gillberg would be desperately searching for his first win. It didn't come in the 1999 Royal Rumble. Entering at number 6, Gillberg was eliminated immediately by Edge after just 0:07 seconds. A remarkably brief time, but not even close to the shortest ever.

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