30 Years Of WWE SummerSlam Mistakes


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As anyone who has attempted to host a barbecue in Britain will know, no amount of meticulous planning will ensure your summer party will pass off without a problem. Sure, the weather reporters may forecast clear skies and "only a small chance of rain", but we all know they're a spiteful bunch who revel in scenes of soaked sausages and wasted weekends.

Even if you happen to run the world's biggest wrestling promotion, a multi-million dollar operation employing thousands of highly trained professionals, it still doesn't guarantee you'll be able to organise a summer shindig without the odd calamity here and there.

Besides WrestleMania, there is no other event in WWE's calendar of the magnitude of SummerSlam. More often than not, it's an absolute sizzler - but it's rarely without its missteps. Despite the company's best intentions, sometimes their judgement for the sunny spectacular is clouded. And then there are those times when mistakes, like a sudden downpour, are unexpected - and unavoidable.

Whether it's classic misuse of talent, silly celebrity concerts, or someone painting themselves silver, there're enough SummerSlam slip-ups to turn Vince McMahon redder than sunburn.

29. SummerSlam '88 - Superstar Billy Graham On Commentary


'Superstar' Billy Graham was many things: the longest reigning heel WWE champion in history; a wrestling trailblazer who popularised the beach-blonde, muscle-bound look; an enthusiastic lover of tie-dye.

He was not a great commentator.

With Gorilla Monsoon's regular booth buddy Jesse Ventura otherwise indisposed with referee duties in the main event, WWE clamped a headset on to nearest available equivalent. But for all Graham had the look of 'The Body' - heck, he was the one who inspired it - he was nowhere near as slick on the stick.

Graham's incoherent rambling encompassed some casual racism about the hardness of Junkyard Dog's head, amusingly christening Koko B. Ware as "Little Koko Man", and extolling his good buddy Hulk Hogan as "the man I call the man with the bionic biceps!" When Bobby Heenan took a place at the table for Don Muraco's match against Dino Bravo, the rise in quality was remarkable. Pity it couldn't last the whole show.

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Editorial Team

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