32 WTF Moments From WWE RAW (Sept 21)

What happens to these superstars after they've been dragged to hell?

WWE Night of Champions was actually pretty good, wasn't it? When you strip back the event from start to finish - and try to forget that there was one too many funny (weird funny, not funny ha ha) finishes - you will recognise that this was one of the most consistent events the company has put on for a long time. The matches on paper were solid and lived up to their respective billings. There wasn't a match that you could have described as a dead rubber, each had a story to tell and did it well. Although those roll-ups left quite a sour taste in the mouth afterwards. RAW rolled round with questions over Sting's future in the ring being asked. The six-time WCW Champion suffered a serious neck injury after a corner power bomb from Seth Rollins went wrong. The Vigilante was scheduled to open the show but with a lengthy trip to hospital stretching far into Monday, his ability to make the show was cast into doubt. Of course this show would be all about developing the stories that played out on Sunday night. Would Chris Jericho return to rival Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns after their apparent falling out? Who would be the first to challenge John Cena for his United States Championship?And how many times would Michael Cole reference Kevin Owens as the fattest Intercontinental Champion of all time? And so on, and so on... As always there was those moments that took us aback slightly and left us screaming WTF! Here's 32 of them...

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