4 Title Changes At WWE SummerSlam 2018

4. Seth Rollins Becomes A Two-Time Intercontinental Champion

Seth Rollins Intercontinental Title

It took 'The Kingslayer' 22 minutes to best Dolph Ziggler in the main card opener, but he got the job done after nailing 'The Show-Off' with a Superkick/Stomp combination after Dean Ambrose had taken care of Drew McIntyre on the outside.

Though the bout started slowly, it eventually unfolded into the kind of fast, exciting bout fans have come to expect from this pairing. Highlighted by Rollins' awesome inverted Superplex/Falcon Arrow spot, it was an effective way to start the show proper, and the Ambrose/McIntyre shenanigans were kept to a necessary minimum.

With a tag match between the two warring parties reported for Hell In A Cell, it'll be interesting to see what happens the the belt in the interim. Regardless, few will have been disappointed to see Rollins leave with the gold.


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