5 Best Steve Austin Matches (Before He Was Stone Cold)

Stun Gun Outta nowhere!!


Wrestling fans almost unanimously regard 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin as one of the greatest performers to ever step foot inside of the squared circle. The all around package of a wrestler that Austin was entertained us week-in, week-out with his infamous "WHAT?" responses, his anti-establishment promos, his redneck mannerisms, and of course his patented Stone Cold Stunner.

This is the Steve Austin that most wrestling fans think of when talking about the greatest matches & moments in WWE history. However, this is not the only Steve Austin that has ever stepped in the ring. Sure, most fans may be aware of his time as 'The Ringmaster' alongside Ted DiBiase, but many casual fans may not be familiar with Austin's tenures in both WCW and ECW.

We all love Stone Cold Steve Austin and probably give our friends Stunners whenever we deem appropriate. However, 'Stunning' Steve Austin and 'Superstar' Steve Austin rarely get any love. And I would be very surprised if you've ever given any of your friends a Stun Gun.

Austin's matches as 'Stone Cold' helped define a generation of professional wrestling and cemented Austin's name as one of the all time greats. However, some of his matches before the iconic "3:16" promo foreshadowed his immense superstardom.


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