5 Best Steve Austin Matches (Before He Was Stone Cold)

5. The Hollywood Blondes Vs. Ricky Steamboat & Shane Douglas (WCW Worldwide 1993)

Before Austin and Triple H formed the Two-Man Power Trip, he and Brian Pillman (wrestling as 'Flyin' Brian at the time) formed the Hollywood Blondes.

Although WCW's top brass were intent on splitting the two, Pillman and Austin were extremely over with the crowd throughout their time together. They captured the tag belts on just one occasion, but according to many fans at the time probably deserved either a longer run or multiple tenures as champions.

The match where the two finally got the belts from Steamboat and Douglas was monumental for both Austin and Pillman's career, but it was this non-title match that showcased the greatest qualities in not only Austin but all four men. Austin wrestled like the brawler we all know him for being, which is a nice treat in retrospect.

The crowd was hot for the match almost entirely throughout, letting the Blondes have it when Pillman scored the three count. It was textbook tag team storytelling well worth the watch.


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