5 Best Steve Austin Matches (Before He Was Stone Cold)

4. 'Superstar' Steve Austin Vs. Mickey Whipwreck (November To Remember 1995)

This match was by no means a technically sound matchup. However, it held up - even to this day.

Sandman was originally supposed to square off against Whipwreck for the title that night. However, Austin jumped him, taking him out before he could get down the ramp. A few kendo stick shots later and we got to witness the first glimpse of his 'Stone Cold' character tendencies, much to the delight of those within the ECW Arena.

Promo work aside, the match sticks out because it was one of Austin's few during his time in ECW. He and Whipreck put on a classic story of "established new signee heel vs. unlikely underdog babyface" similar to the bouts we've seen recently between AJ Styles and James Ellsworth.

If you enjoy matches of such caliber, this ECW highlight is for you.


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