5 Current WWE Angles That Are Going NOWHERE

'Too Sweet' has gone too sour, and it sucks.

WWE Crown Jewel

The next pay-per-view stop after Evolution and Crown Jewel is Survivor Series on 18 November. There, assuming there's no SmackDown vs. Raw battle, who knows what WWE have in mind. Watching the latest run of programming suggests plans in general are at a premium, and that's not a nice thing to report.

Here's the scoop: even if you detest rivalries like Ronda Rousey vs. Nikki Bella or storylines such as The Shield teasing dissension, at least they're going somewhere. In other words, they'll have a conclusion; Rousey will look stronger for overcoming Nikki's bitch-fest and Dean Ambrose will inevitably try his hand as a heel for the first time since the group's original split in 2014.

That same sense of direction is missing from some of the other stories stinking up Monday and Tuesday nights. Across both, there's a rebellious trio who have long-since been neutered, a thrown-together tag-team, a vomit-inducing friendship and a lazy attempt to make xenophobia relevant again.

Then, there's a tournament that'll probably be forgotten about by the time Survivors rolls into LA's Staples Center next month. It's not all bad on WWE television, but this stuff is...


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