5 Dream WWE Matches Even Saudi Arabia (Probably) Can't Even Afford

Money can't always buy you everything.


With WWE now hosting a couple of shows annually in Saudi Arabia - and them evidently willing to splash the big bucks for former household names - we can expect more pro-wrestling legends to come out of hiatus for mammoth pay days in the coming years. Hell, The Undertaker is more likely to wrestle in Saudi Arabia nowadays than he is at WrestleMania! The region does have a demand for undertakers after all.

While Shawn Michaels' comeback may have been underwhelming, and The Undertaker vs. Goldberg flat out disappointing, this is unlikely to deter the Saudis - who clearly just appreciate the novelty of seeing these giants of sports entertainment in the flesh.

But not everyone can be bought. Some still uphold pride and principles, and therefore, whether because one competitor refuses to play ball or both, some dream matches will just never happen - no matter how much Saudi oil money is thrown at them. Then there's the case of both parties being willing but the company not approving it; these legends aren't getting any younger, ya know?

So, get your tissues at the ready, because these are the matches you may have long dreamed of, but are destined to stay exclusive to your imagination and or WWE 2K video games.


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