5 More WWE Tales From Wrestlers' Court

Wait until HR hears about this.

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Whether you're chained to a desk all day or dancing around a wrestling ring in front of thousands of people, drama is generally an accepted part of the workplace.

For most of us, there are grievance procedures to follow, put in place by the HR team precisely to prevent disgruntled employees from taking matters into their own hands. That doesn't totally stop the spread of malicious gossip, of course, but it at least keeps everyone firmly in their place.

In the bizarre world of professional wrestling, however, there is no such protocol. Instead of HR, it's a kangaroo court often headed (or so we're told) by The Undertaker which adjudicates on any backstage disputes between members of the locker room.

This obviously wouldn't fly in a conventional workplace, but in the context of WWE - where wrestlers spend most of their time on the road - it kind of makes sense. You'd probably want to kill some of your co-workers too, if you had to spend every waking moment in their company. They need to have a way of blowing off steam.

There's also one giant upside to Wrestlers' Court: all the crazy stories that are leaked to the internet years after the fact.