5 More WWE Tales From Wrestlers' Court

5. Piper's Pit


It would probably not be unfair to say that Simon Dean - a man remembered chiefly for the fact that he rode to the ring on a Segway - had a more eventful WWE career behind the camera than he did in front of it.

The best example of this, so we hear, was during an overseas tour when Dean took it upon himself to tell the legendary Roddy Piper how their planned Piper's Pit segment could be improved. In doing so, he forgot one of wrestling's golden rules: never speak down to your elders.

Piper himself was said to be fairly unfazed by the incident (if you can call it an incident) but the rest of the locker room didn't share his indifference. They took Dean to Wrestlers' Court immediately and, well, their alleged punishment perhaps wasn't their most creative effort.

Instead of having him pay a penalty of his own volition, they were said to have just destroyed some of his belongings in the shower. It sounds like Dean wasn't exactly popular backstage, which may explain why his main roster run was so short-lived.