5 Most Hilarious Owen Hart Wrestling Ribs

Owen Hart gave Michael Cole quite the introduction to the WWF...

Owen Hart is routinely the most requested entrant into the WWE Hall Of Fame by pro wrestling fans. Obviously, the man's life ended tragically during the live 'Over The Edge' Pay-Per-View in May, 1999, but he had amassed a tremendous body of work before that. Never destined to be 'the man' in Vince McMahon's organisation, Owen was nonetheless a world class performer. Listen to any number of his ex-peers reminisce about the Canadian star's life, and it becomes clear he was also a world class prankster. Over the years, various stories have surfaced about all the 'ribs' pro wrestlers used to play on one another. Such tales aren't so common nowadays, at least not publicly, but the advent of the shoot interview has made ones from bygone years legendary. One of the best at the art of the wrestling rib was Owen Hart. This article is a light-hearted, fun look at 5 of the absolute best ribs Owen ever played. The man may have been a WWF Tag-Team, Intercontinental and European Champion during his tenure with the World Wrestling Federation, but it seems he had most of his fun behind the curtain! From pranking legendary former WWF Heavyweight Champions, to even pulling the wool over his own father's eyes, it seems Owen liked to have a lot of fun backstage.

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