5 Most Insane Things Happening In Wrestling Right Now (Feb 23)

R E A Double L Y WEIRD.

Jeff Jarrett

The WWE Hall of Fame isn't an achievement. Koko B. Ware is in it, where the likes of Toots Mondt and Rikidōzan - men who fundamentally altered the complexion of the industry and constructed it for an entire nation, respectively - were relegated to the so-called "Legacy" wing years and years later.

It's hard to be too cynical about the Hall, the selection process for which is decided entirely by Vince McMahon. The Resurrection Of Jake The Snake brought into literally sobering focus what it meant for both the subject of the documentary and Scott 'Razor Ramon' Hall. Both men battled alcoholism for years. Both made grim headlines through appearing at low-rent Independent shows as slurring, stumbling shadows of the former selves. Both were perilously close to death. Both saw the Hall as their moment of redemption. Both entered to hugely uplifting fanfare in 2014.

But it's also quite easy to be cynical about the Hall. The selection process is decided entirely by Vince McMahon. This means that, in 2009, he woke up, yukked at a bird man he hadn't booked in years, even as a nostalgia act, and saw fit to induct him ahead of Jim Londos.

The WWE Hall of Fame, then, isn't an achievement. Jeff Jarrett entering the WWE Hall of Fame is an achievement...


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