5 Most Insane Things Happening In Wrestling Right Now (June 1)

In which a man who sets himself on fire ISN'T the dumbest wrestler of the week.


Enzo Amore was not a very good pro wrestler.

Running the ropes with less poise than Kelly Kelly, Enzo was simply incapable of parlaying his very good character work into the ring, which, ultimately, meant his catchphrases and charisma counted for nought. There was little to love about Amore's matches, once the goodwill afforded to his plucky NXT character arc eroded on the main roster. Though we felt a twinge of horror when Enzo nearly broke his neck at Payback 2016, this poor positioning and lack of any in-ring skill soon fostered resentment. When he mistimed a simple bump over the top rope in a match with Cesaro later that year, the audience reacted with the same irate bemusement as his opponent. Enzo, unable to deviate from the prearranged script, made a fool of himself and a mockery of the match. This, twinned with his preternatural arrogance, conspired to basically turn him heel.

The former Simon Gotch shed light on how abysmal Enzo was behind the scenes, as if it weren't evident enough onscreen. According to Simon's RF Video shoot interview, Enzo once broke his own leg countering a wristlock and DDT'd himself when he was meant to take an inside out bump.

Somehow, some way, as was revealed this week, Enzo is actually worse at something than he was at pro wrestling...

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