5 Most Insane Things Happening In Wrestling Right Now (Sept 21)

Mummies in the desert.


WWE, increasingly, is insulting our intelligence with the glee of that drill sergeant from Full Metal Jacket, only with significantly less good patter.

Whenever we embark on the Road to Money In The Bank, we are reminded that, to grab the briefcase - which incidentally allows its holder to cash in their Championship Opportunity at any time of their choosing - the WWE Superstar (TM) must first climb up a ladder. We are reminded of this when the participants perform Saved By The Bell reruns on top of those ladders.

The constant replays drill into our thick skulls the information we have just processed. Vince, mate, we're not the ones with dementia.

The irony of all this is f*cking deadening. WWE scripts the dumbest bullsh*t seen in wrestling, and we're the thick ones for not grasping it. That's probably the reason why Vince McMahon persists with the Roman Reigns push. We simply do not understand that we are to cheer the man whose wrist and fist is a symbol of a gun. Basically, Vince is going full Principal Skinner - "No. It is the WWE Universe that is wrong" - only with significantly less good patter.

And now...


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