5 Most Insane Things Happening In Wrestling Right Now (Sept 28)

Has WWE entered NEGLIGENCE MOOOOODE with Brie Bella?


Every now and then, we are treated to one of those magical "Vince McMahon is legitimately batsh*t crazy" stories.

You know the type.

Vince once ate a burrito without knowing what a burrito was; when a writer pitched the Eddie Guerrero/Big Show burrito spiking angle, Vince, unaware of the foodstuff he was stuffing into his mouth, initially rejected the pitch. He once asked the released Jimmy Wang Yang, visiting friends backstage to impress a new girlfriend, to run through some rehearsal spots with Shawn Michaels, presumably under the impression that he was Funaki. Indeed, that isn't even satire: Vince once confused Michael Tarver for Shelton Benjamin, and his daughter for a business genius...

...and on object of sexual desire: yes, infamously, he once wanted to plant her with a(nother) open-mouthed kiss as pretext for a ratings grab. Never change, Vince! Actually, please do change. Constable Corbin is the most tired version of the most tired storytelling trope in all of modern wrestling. Improve your sleep pattern. That would be a start.

Vince considers the involuntary biological act of sneezing - as opposed to the XFL - an act of failure. He also would not sign Gail Kim until he was absolutely certain men would jerk off to her under the advisement of - who else? - Jim Ross.

This week, we learned of one from a quite unexpected source...


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