5 New Booking Directions For Former WWE Champion Jinder Mahal

Can the Modern Day Maharaja reinvent himself?


The fortunes of Jinder Mahal appear to have taken a sharp downturn over recent weeks.

Not only did he lose the WWE Championship days removed from his champion versus champion mega-match with Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series, he also lost clean as a whistle to Triple H in front of the New Delhi crowd to whom he was billed as the top attraction.

To some, these developments are a sign that the company has now abandoned plans to turn the Modern Day Maharaja into its next franchise player - but that, given everything we've seen over the last six months, seems like a bold call (in fact, without much in the way of main even alternatives, it's likely he'll remain in the title picture going into next month's Royal Rumble).

Even the most ardent Jinder critics have to concede that the man - with his at-times great heel work and ever-improving ability in the ring - has a modicum of superstar potential, which can (theoretically) be untapped over the next 12 months with one or two booking tweaks.

So, what kind of things should they try?

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