5 Positives & 5 Negatives Heading Into WWE Money In The Bank 2017

Recapping the ups and downs from the build to Money in the Bank.

jinder mahal

These days, four weeks seems to be fairly standard timespan within which to build-up a pay-per-view, and once again that’s proved to be the case with this Sunday’s Money in the Bank show.

For the most part, those four weeks have been used fairly well. The women in particular have been given pride of place and plenty of TV time as of late, and over in the men’s ladder match we can look forward to seeing one of the most jam-packed line-ups of recent times. Plus, we’ve seen our new WWE Champion starting to be portrayed as such after his improbable rise to the top of the card - or at least, he’s looking like more of a champion that he had before, not that that’s particularly difficult…

The build hasn’t all been perfect, mind. If we’re being picky, there have been a few elements of the past few weeks that, with the benefit of hindsight, could’ve been handled a little better.

Rounding up the good, the bad and what Breezango would likely deem the ugly, this article delves into the positives and negatives heading into Money in the Bank this weekend.


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