5 Reasons Baron Corbin Is No Worthy WWE Champion Upgrade To Jinder Mahal

Keep that briefcase where it is for now, big man...

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Jinder Mahal is far from the perfect WWE Champion. Let's get that out of the way first, because it's important to state that WWE pushed Jinder without warning into the top spot on SmackDown. It's taken fans time to adjust to having Mahal (a man previously found jobbing to everyone) as champion, but he's growing into the role.

Despite that hard work, there's a chance Baron Corbin could cash in his Money In The Bank briefcase at SummerSlam and walk out as WWE Champ. Ask yourself: would this really be an improvement for the title? Would Corbin, a guy who himself has struggled to live up to WWE's lofty expectations, be an upgrade?

No, he wouldn't. Will that stop WWE from cashing in prematurely? Probably not, but it should...

5. His Mic Skills Aren't As Good

Baron Corbin

Whereas Jinder Mahal has mentioned during interviews that Vince McMahon is very hands on when it comes to his promos, Baron Corbin finds himself in the awkward position of having nothing to say. On such occasions, the cream rises to the top. Would former champions like The Rock or Steve Austin have been affected by shoddy material?

Ok, so even if it is unfair to compare Corbin with those greats, the fact remains that he snores his way through promos looking like he'd rather be doing anything else. Contrast that with how Mahal has worked to improve his verbal skills. It's like night and day.

Take Baron's recent stint on the mic as an example of what happens when limited mic skills and frankly crap material combine; after droning on about John Cena for a while, the segment was only saved by Daniel Bryan's intrusion. People didn't treat Corbin like a star.

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