5 Reasons Neville Wants To Quit WWE

The Man WWE Forgot.


Sensational news broke this morning concerning the former King of the Cruiserweights, Neville: the Geordie has allegedly requested his release from WWE.

It's a depressing state of affairs. Neville's reigns as both King and Cruiserweight Champion have yielded so much in the way of character development and entertainment. The heel version of Neville is - or was, the past tense is already jarring and dispiriting - a superb act. Neville, to use a comparison from his birth country, is wrestling's equivalent of Chelsea footballing legend Frank Lampard: an excellent talent who compensated for his lack of natural ability in some areas with pure, painstaking graft. Neville was never a top-tier promo man, until this year at least, during which he mastered the heat-seeking art of the villainous laugh. Neville was always a sensational in-ring worker. In 2017, he focused on developing the nuances of his style, infusing it with sublime character work to become the company's best - or at least most underrated - all-rounder. He refused to hit the Red Arrow on all but the most deserving of opponents. He sacrificed getting his sh*t in to shape his long game, knowing just how over the man who would eventually kick out of it would become. In theory, anyhow.

Unfortunately, none of this mattered much in the mind of the wider audience; Neville was pigeonholed to such a demoralising extent that his superb work went unnoticed by a fanbase deadened by an age of content, content, content...

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