5 TNA Stars Who Could Make It In WWE

aj styles After the recent releases in TNA and reports that the company is in financial trouble, it got me thinking that if the ship finally does sink, which stars could make it in the glitz and glamour world of WWE. Now I admit I am a fan of TNA and do not want them to go out of business but there are some TNA stars that I would love to see in WWE and unfortunately TNA going out of business is probably the only way I can see this happening. For fans of TNA some of these should hopefully come as no surprise but for non TNA fans I hope that my appraisal of each of these stars will make you take notice of, not just them, but of TNA as well. These 5 stars, in my opinion, have all the tools to make it in the number 1 company...

5. Austin Aries austin aries

Austin Aries may not have the typical WWE look. He isn't the biggest guy and isn't overly muscular but what he lacks in size he certainly makes up for in charisma and wrestling ability. With the likes of Daniel Bryan, CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler slowly shifting WWE's attitude from size and power towards wrestling skill, Austin Aries would fit right in. He has proven that he can have great matches with bigger men, Samoa Joe and Bully Ray for example, and he has also impressed enough to have a run with the TNA World Heavyweight Title (unfortunately it was a little disappointing.) The thing that would make Aries a star in WWE is his ability to connect with the fans. He is not a master on the mic but that doesn't stop the crowd from giving him some of TNA's loudest reactions. His cocky and self confident attitude mixed with his talented wrestling skills are hard not to like. Add in the comic element we have seen recently with Bobby Roode as part of the Dirty Heels and he has all the tools to succeed in WWE.

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