5 Ups & 1 Down From This Week's Impact Wrestling (Oct 11)


1. Can They Both Leave?

Since their arrival in Impact, the Desi Hit Squad have done nothing to get over with the audience. They've got some rather good looking moves, but that's not the only thing that matters in wrestling these days.

The duo had a singles match against each other this week, with an added stipulation being that the loser would be forced to head back to India. Why is that a genuine rule in a wrestling match, to be deported back to your home country? It wasn't necessarily a racist thing for Impact to do, but it certainly wasn't the best choice for them.

In the end, it would be Rohit Raju getting the three count over Gursinder Singh, but it's Rohit that was forced to the back by Gama Singh. It made an already weird situation even weirder, and rendered the stipulation utterly pointless.

Whether or not this is the end of both men's time with Impact remains a mystery, but they could do with a change in character.


While off school sick one day in November 2008, Adam sat down with Survivor Series on in the background. He was hooked ever since. With access to channels showing WWE and Impact Wrestling programming, he also keeps on top of ROH, PWG, NJPW, ICW, Defiant Wrestling, and PROGRESS Wrestling.